The Liar's Club

349a603a724ec19042a7e413fc116893.jpgAn exclusive tavern owned and operated by the Half-Moon Exploring Company as a way for their members to relax while in Dragonmeet.

While the Liar’s Club does not have a reputation for being a rough establishment, it also does not have a reputation for being particularly posh, either, instead something neatly in between. Half-Moon members get discounts on food and drink and can spend time with each others’ company, swapping stories and trading vital information with the trade they are involved.

The decor of the Liar’s Club is one of the more interesting aspects of the place. Odd bric-a-brac and unusual trophies line the walls. Mounted heads of creates but fantastic (and sometimes real) adorn the high locations for all to see and marvel, bringing in non-members. Non-members of the Half-Moon are welcome but on occasion the place is closed for ‘private parties’ where they initiate new members or retire old ones. While not exactly a secret society, it is closer to that of an exclusive professional order.

That said, the Liar’s does maintain one unique quality that certainly sets it apart from other taverns and that is the massive lore repository it maintains in the basement of the structure. Shorty after the Liar’s Club was opened, it was determined that if the members of the Half-Moon Exploring Company were to have a place to keep and record their legends, stories, maps and other artifacts, they would need a room to keep their findings. After a few years, a room became two rooms. Then two rooms became the entire basement. Then the entire basement underwent construction to dig out more stone to create more room. Now, there is nowhere left to dig and plans are under consideration to purchase a different piece of property to move all the materials. But members of Half-Moon are bitterly divided on what approach to take. After all, where else can one conduct research and get drunk at the same time? No matter which way the decision is made, the resident loremaster and librarian, Dova, a Satryn, will abide by the decree and faithful execute the plan.

Girl_fight.jpgIt is rare that fights break out at the club but when they do, they tend to be among members with bad blood or on the even more rare occasion, when non members pick a fight with members. This is extremely unwise as the members tend to be better trained, more canny and have better numbers. Most recent fights have been over serving girls and wenches who make their trades here. Of course, the most infamous fight in over a year was between two females, a pair of hell-cats who both had desires for the same man. Thus the things of legend are born.

Then again, perhaps more fights break out than one would imagine . . .

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The Liar's Club

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