The Sacred Text of Primus

The Sacred Text of Primus is a massive artifact housed in the Great Cathedral in Santa Cora and is considered the holy writ of Primus. The text, the most closely protected item that the Priestess oversees, was handed to mortals by the Great Gold Wyrm as a way of showing how much Primus wanted to help his creations.

It is unknown who wrote it as the narrator seems to be someone other than Primus, himself, or the Great Gold Wyrm. It speaks of the struggles between Primus and Hella and how despite the fact that Primus is the Allfather to mortal creatures, Hella is his sworn enemy and the enemy of all good beings, trying to bring about their downfall.

It speaks of a great war in the celestial realms between the forces of Primus and the forces of Hella. The Wyrm, a strong ally of Primus, was taken captive by Hella and was held as her prisoner for centuries until he was able to escape and bring this book to mortals.

Whereas the book is far too large to copy by hand to disseminate to the followers, abridged versions have been created and many copies of this book exist in cities and villages where the local priesthood can retell and interpret to the common people.

To avoid confusion between the actual artifact and the abridged copies, these abridged copies are commonly known as The Book of Primus or just, The Book.

The Sacred Text of Primus

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