Tower of Nothing

Tower_of_nothing.jpgThe Tower of Nothing is one of the single most horrific places in all of the Dragon Empire. What makes it particularly baleful is that it is not stationary and when it appears, it is of the worst omens as it always brings death, destruction and the annihilation and undoing of ideas, replacing them with visions, madness and ideas that are befouled. In short, it is a traveling hellscape that fortunately, few people are unfortunate enough to encounter. It is not even the kind of thing that mothers use to scare their children as it is far to dark and sinister to bring up as common folk believe that merely invoking its name runs the risk of bringing it near.

Scholars, bards and more intellectual adventurers have a slightly more revealing tale, yet no less harrowing. Many agree that the tower is a sign of great evil but that it is actually a remote location or keep belonging to the Diabolist. When cultists and other fiends (such as Hordlings have been caught and interrogated, they have only given small glimpses into the truth. The Order of the Burning Rose has been attempting to divine the true nature of these strange statements but have as of yet only scratched the surface.

When the Tower appears, a foul blight takes root in the land, poisoning crops, turning livestock into horrible beasts and generally providing anyone nearby with nightmares and horrific visions of demons and other creatures of the lower planes. Those who have dared approached are often rewarded with knowledge but also madness and ruin.

Fortunately, when the Tower does appear in a location, it never stays for long. But the landscape takes a generation to recover properly.

Tower of Nothing

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