Trollkin come in many forms. While certain members of the troll species are large, brutish and barbaric, a vast majority of them are closer to humans in their appearance, temperament and attitudes. For the ones who are closer to their human counterparts, they can have horns, or not, wings, or not and are often mistaken for either Satyrn or even demons.

The more civilized trollkin do maintain their own cities but they are more comfortable living among human settlements. The more feral trollkin, more commonly known as ‘trolls,’ are migratory, brutal and evil. The more human aligned trollkin are just as horrified by trolls as are humans.

One of the unique qualities about trollkin that sets them apart is their unique and beautiful language, coupled with their ancient poetry and epic songs. As a result, trollkin bards and musicians are highly valued. Further, they are more predisposed to communicate in many forms due to their affinity for language, they are also valued as translators and diplomats and can be found in the courts of many wealthy merchant lords and nobility.

+2 INT or +2 CHA or +2 STR

Language of the Ancients: Trollkin may speak up to three other languages at the start of play, representing their ability to communicate with other races.


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