Witchburn is a port town that is home to dozens of fisheries, farms and some shops. It rests along the coast between Foothold and Magnimar.

Named for the once exciting (and frequent) witch burnings in the area, this practice has fallen out of favor. It has not completely disappeared as the citizens would love to put an end to all withccraft but the citizens are much less apt to throw about baseless accusations as they once were.

In a twist of fate, a seeress, known as Seneale, has a growing number of visitors as her predictions are strangely accurate and her advice is sought out. Her rising fame is bringing in an influx of visitors.

The regent in the area is Baron Puno Graystone, a member of House Graystone. He has brought a certain level of prosperity with his introduction of Baron’s Faire, a week long celebration where hunters bring exotic and unusual animals to sell to the wealthy.

While in Withcburn, the wealthy do their best to stay at the Gilded Salamander, one of the finest inns in the area.


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