Schemes of the Lich King

Episode 24: Riding the Remorhaz

Settled in to the town of Refuge the members of the Half-Shadows began to understand the lay of the land. They were in an occupied area with agents of the Lich King fully ensconced, even though they would likely be leaving soon. Whereas they would be unable to openly move through the town, they did have the ability to take alleys and move through the outer parameter as the snow storm would likely obfuscate their movements. So long as they did not make scenes, they would likely be able to travel unfettered. They would need to avoid Lord Veldt’s underlings and whatever other agents he and his second-in-command, Wisp had lurking. The fact that a strange howling noise came from the keep periodically, was not welcome news.

The need to travel was important. With Tomorachian suffering from the effects of Sarvass, he would likely be getting worse. They had to travel somewhere that contained a repository of knowledge to help cure his illness. Obar, their dwarven host, mentioned there was the Museum of Knowledge, a repository of books, gizmos and other research items located on the edge of town. This massive structure was second in size only to the keep. If there were answers, they would be found there.

With members of the Half-Shadows traveling to the Museum, leaving only Brimley Oxheart behind, they trudged through the snow to make it there, only seeing one lone figure en route, a mysterious centurion with his face concealed by a metal mask, but the insignias he wore bearing allegiance to the Lich King spoke enough for the heroes to move past him without incident.

Upon arriving at the museum, the heroes quickly were introduced to the staff who were only three employees – Selzine, a librarian; Professor Kzollick, a master of technologies and a Muma, a master of the antiques. They explained that they would likely be able to help find some cures for Sarvass but it may take some research. While they did what they could, Glaedwin Longclef went on a guided tour of the antiques. Whereas the collection of ‘elven pornography’ was interesting in its own right, what truly kept his attention was a dwarven battle horn. The curator explained that this was intended for battles but also construction as it was capable of tearing down cave walls if given the proper attention.

Meanwhile, as Suriveth Varune and Tomorachian examined the books on the disease, pertaining to Sarvass, Tomorachian began to see patterns forming in the pages and sigils. Codes and ciphers became clear to him and he started to see the underlying messages that were hidden. In short, he suspected with some of the proper items found in the technological wing, he could put together common items to help form a cure for his disease, or at least arrest it. However, the cost to his humanity would be an issue. But then again, the ancient texts and the patterns he was seeing, was possibly part of a greater plan by Araponda.

The one piece, it was determined, that was actually needed for the procedure was a platinum valve. There was only one in the area and it was currently in the possession of Lord Veldt, the mysterious acting commander of the city, answering to the Lich King. Since Lord Veldt had taken away many of the resources from the Museum, they were lacking in staff as well as specific items, the platinum valve being one of them. It was clear they would have to get the platinum valve from Lord Veldt by penetrating the keep. Of course, this is likely where they would be able to find and reclaim the Staff of the Void.

On their way back to Obar’s home, they were beset upon by agents of the Lich King, vile spirits and undead energies that had zeroed in on their location. Whereas the creatures seemed weak (as they were so far from their master), the real challenge was not creating loud noises that would alert Lord Veldt’s troops. Once they were dispatched, the heroes quickly went back into hiding.

That evening, under cover of darkness, Wolfram Delamnse and Saerid Turqouise ventured towards the keep to see if there were any secret ways in. Saerid monitored the structure, which was dwarven design and surmised there would likely be a way in through the dungeon. Wolfram, by contrast, determined that there was a way in overland and made his way into the keep. He saw the treasury was heavily guarded and saw Lord Veldt in the throne chamber, receiving reports, surrounded by his centurions as well as terrified commoners, executing his biding. When there were those who displeased him, he opened a trap door where he fed them to some kind of a pet that was kept below. This would certainly be a challenge. To make matters more complicated, it seemed that Lord Veldt had a secret weapon – one of the Lich King’s most vile creations – a Headless Zombie. It was rumored that only 10 of these were ever created and that he had given them to his most trusted agents. It appeared that Lord Veldt had access to one which would have been a formidable opponent if they had to confront the creature.

Returning, both Wolfram and Saerid informed the rest of the group what the obstacles were. After much debate, it was determined that the group would go through the underground chambers and face whatever horror Lord Veldt had there.

Progressing through the dungeons and carefully making their way to the keep, it took several hours to quietly and silently move. Upon arriving they found the terrible pet that was in Lord Veldt’s dungeon – a ravenous Remorhaz. The creature was angry and sinister and attacked with fury and rage. Naturally, Glaedwin felt the need to ride the creature, as he was prone to try. However, it was eventually defeated and luckily the heroes had lured it far enough away to not create sounds loud enough to alert the guards in the main keep. After the creature was destroyed it was simple work to cause enough distractions to send Wolfram to the treasury and make off with not only the platinum valve but also the Staff of the Void, which was key to their plans. Now all that was left was to put Tomorachian through the procedure and move on towards Una Helta, the Winter Witch.

Icon Relationships for Next Session:

Suriveth: Elf Queen (7) Conflicted
Saerid: Dwarf King (8) Positive, Lich King (1) negative
Tomorachian Priestess (8) Conflicted, Araponda (1) Positive
Glaedwin: Lich King (7) Negative
Brimley: Dwarf King (7) Positive, Crusader (8) Conflicted


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