Glaedwin Longclef

Halfling Ranger with a snarky ferrett companion, Paga

  1. Icon Relationships

Crusader: 1 positive
Prince of Shadows: 1 positive
Lich King: 1 negative

  1. Backgrounds
    Lifelong Nomadic Trader +4
    Member of Dragonmeet Brute Squad +2
    Wild Game Hunter +2
  1. One Unique Thing: His deceased fiancée Nonnette will appear to him, and they talk. Sometimes she tells him True things.

The Longclef clan were a nomadic trading clan – primarily halfling, though with some other races – that traded along the northern coast of The Midland Sea from Drakkenhall to Horizon. They peacefully traded with all.


Druuna, one of the barmaids at Dry House Pub introduced Glaedwin to her roommate Nonnette, who wished to travel to Concord. With Glaedwin’s help, she quickly secured passage with the Longclefs as they traveled the North Coast.

Glaedwin and Nonnette’s burgeoning romance faltered briefly when he discovered she had stolen a gem. While she confessed stealing it, she would not say from whom she had stolen the gem. Despite his misgivings, the gem was sold in Concord as she had originally planned. Nonnette stayed with the Longclefs as they traveled to Burrow.

The cargo for the return trip was oils from the Court for the Master of Poisons in Dragonmeet and halfling liquors for Silivrenniel, Queen of the Shadow ELves. Unfortunately, the Longclefs were beset by foul undead while traveling through the swamps of The Fangs.

Glaedwin, and Nonnette returning to the family encampment and seeing the strange visitors, then heard the screams. He watched as Nonnette sprang forward to the fight, just in time to see some sort of ghoul chew through Nonnette’s throat. Thinking quickly, he used the lit lamps, the liquor, and the methane of the swamps to burn the entire encampment to the ground, killing the ghouls… and any one else who may have survived.

537368-ferret-against-white-background.jpgGlaedwin returned from The Fangs a changed halfling. Though now accompanied by a ferret named Paga, Glaedwin spent time on the Brute Squad. Often, he would mystify the others by being ready for a dangerous situation, claiming that he had been warned by his dead fiancee.

Most recently, he has whispered into his drink that Nonnette has said that the Armageddon Ark is coming to the surface.

Glaedwin Longclef

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