A former prisoner of the Archmage


Koldrag, or ‘Coldrage’ as he has gone by for centuries, is a former prisoner of the Archmage having rotted away in the Archmage’s prison, hidden under Boltstrike Pillar for centuries, kept alive by magic.

The exact nature of Coldrage’s crimes are not exactly known, but by his own admission, he was a scholar of darker arts, trying to find the location of the elusive Darkveil. It seems that once he acquired the fabled Shadow Prophecy, Book IV, he began uncovering many of the secrets that lie within, understanding, in great detail, some of the clues to find the hidden city.

Coldrage.jpgWhen the Archmage imprisoned Coldrage, he placed him in a magically secure prison, along with several other dangerous entities and items, placing the Shadow Prophecy, Book IV just within arm’s reach but unable to actually be read. How this did not drive him mad over the centuries, is a mystery.

It was not until an adventuring party came along and found him, that he was released. Suriveth Varune, Dracovel Kilvesh, Ellyna Dirkane and Kouro Marmari debated what they should do about him – at great lengths – releasing him only after it was suspected he would prove useful as an ally, no matter how untrustworthy he could be.

As stated, Coldrage, (or Koldrag, in his human form) is an ogre magi, with innate arcane powers and a very long lifespan. As suggested by his name, he specializes in magic dealing with ice and cold. In his natural form he stands close to 8 feet tall.

When asked which of the icons he most closely followed, he stated that whereas he once had an affinity for the Archmage, their history had made it such where, clearly, they were no longer on good terms. As to the rest of the icons, he seemed to have minimal use.


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