Kouro Marmari

Satyrn Cleric ready to take on the world


Icon Relationships

High Druid: 2 positive
Prince of Shadows: 1 conflicted


Initiate of the Masked Ones: 4
Barkeep: 2
Friends in Low Places: 2
Student of Necrology: 2
Student of Symbology: 2

One Unique Thing:

On the night of every New Moon, from sundown to sunrise, he turns to marble.


Kouru Marmari, a Satyrn, was born in the small village of Moss-on-Stone in the BItterwood. Soon after his birth, it was discovered that, at sunset on the night of the New Moon, he turned to marble, only to return to normal at dawn. The Wise Women and the Elders of the Satyrn communities had not heard of such a thing in all their long history. As a precaution, and out of intense curiosity, the child and his family were relocated to the village of Mercy. In Mercy, the ill and injured from among the Satyrn communities were cared for and cured, if possible. For his first several years, Kouro lived in Mercy, and came to love the people there, both the caretakers and the patients. When the wisest of his people concluded that Kouro’s particular condition was not a curse or a communicable disease, he and his family returned home.

In every other way, Kouro exhibited perfectly normal Satyrn traits as he grew. According to Satryn tradition, each young member of the race engages on a Soul Seering at the age of 12. This is not a physical journey, but one of the mind, guided by a Wise Woman. The purpose is to help the young Satryn elicit his or her Fate. During Kouro’s Soul Seering, it was clear that he had a strong Fate, directed toward the outside world and opposed to the power of Undeath.

Kouro began his studies with the Wise Women and Elders of his people, studying much on some very dark subjects. Nonetheless, he maintained a strong Satryn love for life and the passions and pleasures it could offer. He believes that there is no point in defending Life from Undeath if we do not enjoy the gift of Life we claim to love so much.

When he reached adulthood, Kouro left Moss On Stone and journeyed to Dragonmeet in a caravan led by a Satryn trader named Philos. Dragonmeet was the closest town of any size and the home of the Diamond of Destiny, which was tied, as he was, to defenses against Undeath.

In Dragonmeet, Kouro found a home away from home in the rough and tumble Slippery Squid. He was drawn to the rowdy nature of the tavern, for he found the constrained and moralistic ways of much of human culture too restraining. There, he became a bartender, off and on, and developed a relationship with Rosiland, a mischievous barmaid, who he helped out when she was being annoyed by a particularly annoying barfly, a halfling named Quiggley. Kouro and Rosiland are by no means exclusive in their affections for one another, but there is a depth of friendship between them. It also was at the Slippery Squid that Kouro first met Alcide Throckmotten and Ellyna Dirkane.

Kouro has met other citizens of Dragonmeet, most of whom are from the wrong side of the tracks. One of the most intriguing is Alivyre the Expert, who operates in Bayne Alley. A purely accidental touch of her hand to his gave rise to momentary vision of the The Crone, one of the Masked Ones’ more common manifestations, that usually indicates wisdom and knowledge of deep matters. Although Alivyre did not seem to respond to the touch, Kouro is intrigued by what the vision might mean. He also has found an ally in Dova, the Satryn librarian at The Liar’s Club which is the beloved tavern for members of the Half-Moon Exploring Company. Another acquaintance has been something of a annoyance in “Brother” Amet, a Satryn who has embraced some odd version of the New Gods and has made it one of his goals to convert Kouro to his cause. Also, he has become concerned that a group calling itself The Hanged Men seem to be preying on the weak in the poor section of town.

Beyond the folk who reside and frequent the dockside and the adventurers’ haunts, Kouro has had little contact with the people of Dragonmeet. At his initiation into the Half-Moon Company, he had the most fleeting encounter with the company’s patron, Lucien Autumntide. It appeared that Lucien was visibly shocked, or perhaps frightened, upon seeing Kouro, which would seem unlikely given the fairly frequent presence of Satryns in Dragonmeet and the fact that Kouro had had no contact with Lucien or his household before that night.

Kouro trusts that Fate will prepare him for what he must do, in the proper time. His studies have focused not only on Undeath, but also the role of Death as an ally in this battle to come. Satryn belief does not consider Death an evil presence, but a part of Life. Death, in fact, is understood to be in opposition to Undeath, which upsets the natural order and deprives Death of its purpose and proper function. For this reason, Kouro is fascinated with a map of sorts that he found in the library at the Half-Moon. This map would seem to indicate that Death itself is to be found in Darkveil, the legendary City of Gems. The markings on the map are too obscure for Kouro to read yet, but he does not believe that it is coincidence that his new companion, Alcide, is obsessed with finding Darkveil.

The real concern for Kouro, if he has any real concerns, is the recurrent references in visions and dreams to the Dark Emissary. This figure, in Satryn belief and symbology, represents Entropy, the true enemy of Life and, as some believe, the ultimate power behind Undeath. If this force is gaining strength, and perhaps taking form in the legendary Satryn demon-goddess Zuna, it might take the union of every other power in the world, even Death Himself, to stop her.

Kouro Marmari

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