A dwarven traitor allied with the Lich King


Mezzilen, is a name uttered with great disgust in the city of Forge. A former arcane adviser to the Dwarf King, Mezzilen had darkness enter his soul and swear his allegiance to the Lich King. In an attempt to destroy Forge and hand over the remains to the Lich King, his plans were thwarted by a group of dwarven heroes who had uncovered his plot.

The resulting fallout was that all of Mezzilen’s properties were seized and clan’s house shut down and ostracized. Hanging their heads in shame, the clan decided they needed to do something to redeem themselves. Eventually they formed the Brotherhood of the Silent Voice, a group of monks that dedicated their lives to stamping out evil.

Whereas Mezzilen seemed to survive the heroes’ attacks, he did achieve lichdom due to his alliance to the Lich King. His whereabouts are unknown but the Brotherhood of the Silent Voice is constantly searching for him, stamping out his handiwork with great prejudice.


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