Wolfram Delmanse

An artist and explorer


Wolfram Dumanse came to Dragonmeet a year ago in hopes of joining the Half-Moon Exploring Company. He left Shaydenhall as he was a third son of a middle class merchant family and had to find his fortunes elsewhere. His talent in art, singing and inspiring others was far more suited to a place like Dragonmeet or Magnimar than it was Shaydenhall.

He began his artistic career with several commissions from Lord Barnaby Silverarch who seemed to immediately support his talents, having him design several murals around the Silverarch estate and then some pieces around the city. When not working, he found himself relaxing and drinking at The Liar’s Club and enjoying the company of the other explorers.

Eventually he got in well with Linohvale, the managing office for the Half-Moons and when he was asked to join, he was initiated on the same night as several others: Alcide Thockmotten, Dracovel Kilvesh, Ellyna Dirkane, Glaedwin Longclef, Kouro Marmari and Suriveth Varune. During the initiation party, he encountered a fortune teller who gave him an unusual prophecy: his fortune would be tied to the city of Darkveil and intertwined with a unique line of romance. Fascinated, he did not know how to take it or to react but it certainly made for quite the story among the others.

Wolfram Delmanse

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