Tag: Ally


  • Obar

    Obar is an engineer in the town of [[Refuge]] who secretly welcomed the [[Half-Shadows]] into his home, explaining that a great evil had taken over the town as agents of the [[Lich King]] had taken over to exploit the mining operation.

  • Professor Kzollick

    Professor Kzollick works at the Museum of Knowledge in [[Refuge]] and is in charge of their technology wing. He has been instrumental in assisting [[:tomorachian | Tomorachian]] in his quest to be saved from the disease, [[Sarvass]].

  • Selzine

    Selzine works in the Museum of Technology in [[Refuge]] where she will tell anyone who will listen how overworked she is. Her vast knowledge of history, medicine and magic, helped diagnosed [[:tomorachian | Tomorachian's]] [[Sarvass]] problem.

  • Muma

    Muma, an academic halfling, working at the Museum of Knowledge, she has access to the endless antiques that are available there. In a guided tour, she showed [[:glaedwin-longclef | Glaedwin Longcleff]] a number of items, including a elven pornography and …