Bayne Alley

It is said that in Bayne Alley, almost anything can be found and purchased, especially after hours. During the day the Satyrn Market in Dragonmeet has small shops and carts that sell produce, raw materials, meats, cheeses, wines, small weapons including a variety of oddities. But in Bayne Alley, other vendors set up shop, sometimes during the day, but most definitely at night. It is then that more illicit items can be found, money exchanged for stolen goods and certain ‘personal services’ set up. Bayne Alley’s reputation as a dangerous location is well deserved.

Goods from all over the Dragon Kingdom find their way to Bayne Alley and can be purchased at a price. Some items, coming as far away as Port Plunder and Port Shaw have also made their way. Of course, more than more person knows a story of someone who was abducted from Bayne Alley and found themselves pressed into service on a ship bound west.

One such figure that frequents Bayne Alley is Alivyre the Expert, a woman who prides herself on being able to find what her customers need or at the very least put them in touch with those who know how to get it. Naturally, she charges a steep price for this service.

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Bayne Alley

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