House Valdemar

House_Valdemar.jpgHouse Valdemar is special in that it is one of only a scant few noble houses that has seats of power in three cities – Dragonmeet, Shaydenall and Magnimar. This is partly due to the clever and lucky political marriages that were undertaken over the years as well as some masterful diplomacy at the various centers of power. The grand patriarch of the family, Ethram Valdemar makes his home in Magnimar, ruling the family with his son, Kaleb Valdemar, but Ethram’s grand-nephew, Wilhelm Valdemar and his wife, Zepher Valdemar run family business from Dragonmeet, while Ethram’s nephew, Tyburn Valdemar rule in Shaydenhall.

The Valdemar family took advantage of Lucien Autumntide’s Lydonhouse Concordat with the regent and immediately set up financial interests of logging, shipping and fishing. Their operation in Dragonmeet greatly increased their funds overnight and secured their legacy as a house of power and influence.

But whereas they may still have influence, they seem to have fallen on hard times, financially. Through activities few seem to understand (or ask, as it is extremely gauche to do so), it appears that the family does not have the money they used to, leading many to conclude that there were some secret investments gone wrong, or that they owed massive amounts of money to Aspis Consortium. Ever darker theories persist that the money was payments to some assassin’s guild for setting them up where they are today.

The major players in Magnimar are Ethram Valdemar, Kaleb (Ethram’s son), Anastacia (Ethram’s granddaughter), and Holfric (Ethram’s nephew).

The major players in Shaydenhall are Tyburn (Ethram’s nephew), Hestra (Ethram’s grand-niece), Hela (Ethram’s grand-niece) and Bicklen Willitz (the suitor of House Willitz to Hestra).

The major players in Dragonmeet are Wilhelm and Zepher (Ethram’s grand-nephew and his wife), Aleic (Ethram’s grand-nephew), Shalatha (Ethram’s grand -niece and Wilhem’s sister) and Culton Grovelock (of House Grovelock and Zepher’s brother)

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House Valdemar

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