Magnimar is a large city located on the southwestern coast of The Fangs on the Calamity Sea. The city is surrounded by the mostly inhospitable Mushfens, unpleasant swamp lands. The city itself is defined by a colossal landmark predating modern civilization by thousands of years or more. The Irespan is an ancient ruin, the easternmost end of a giant bridge which has now crumbled into the sea. This enormous relic stretched from Magnimar’s other most noticeable feature, the three-hundred-foot tall cliff which cuts the city in two known as the Seacleft.

While these unavoidable monuments provide natural dividers to the city’s three major districts (the Summit atop the cliff, the Shore below, and the Shadow under the Irespan), residents recognize eighteen official communities within Magnimar.

Magnimar_panorama.jpgThe wealthiest communities in Magnimar are located in the Summit atop the rise of the Seacleft, as are the city’s centers of government, education, and arts. The Summit contains the following districts:

Alabaster District
Marble District
Capital District
Grand Arch

Home to the majority of Magnimar’s working class, the Shore contains Magnimar’s coasts and docks, and the following districts:

Bazaar of Sails
The Marches
Beacon’s Point
Rag’s End
Silver Shore
Kyver’s Islet

The Shadow district is the most derelict in the city and houses only the single community of Underbridge. It is home to the seediest of Magnimar’s inhabitants and most members of the government take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to the district’s problems.

Magnimar is ruled by two official political bodies—the Council of Ushers and the Office of the Lord-Mayor. This two-tiered system was established at the city’s founding to ensure that no single person ever had too much control. Despite the idealist intentions of the city’s founders, over the last century, both offices have become more power-hungry and less effective at representing the needs of the city-state’s citizens.

Some of the notable things about Magnimar is the Albion Ale House and Brewery and the annual Brewfaire.

Also, this is the ancestral home of House Valdemar one of many noble houses in Magnimar.

Magnimar’s origin is one of the more unique origins in the Dragon Empire. When one hundred and fifty years ago, Ducard Amber of House Amber came to the Dragon Emperor with a unique proposal, the Emperor was intrigued. Ducard made a proposal: give him one year to rid build a fantastic castle to the Emperor’s specifications and if he could do so, the Emperor would grant him a piece of property that would be granted the status of ‘city state’ which would be outside the empire and could make its own rules, have independent status and would have complete self rule. The Emperor found the idea absurd but agreed to it.

Whereas the Emperor lost the wager, he was able to get the Castle Amber which was a shining monument of success and an achievement of impressive architecture. (Never mind what later came to befall the Castle Amber, but that is a different story.) The Emperor was good to his word and granted a sizable expanse of property to Ducard Amber at the base of a strange monument, which Ducard promptly named after his daughter, Magnimar.

Nobles, merchants and commoners flocked to the land when they heard of the numerous opportunities available. The city flourished and grew overnight, turning into a massive metropolis that, despite the self-governing status of the city, assisted in trade, innovation and was very friendly towards the rest of the Dragon Empire.

House Amber, however, met an unusual end, supposedly tied to the very castle created by their ancestor but like everything with Castle Amber, is a story with its own complexities.

Today Magnimar still pays respects to House Amber, specifically Ducard, with their Amber Festival held in the winter.


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