The Masked Ones

(Much credit to Mark as he named all these.)

The religion of the Satryn centers on their gods, known as the Masked Ones in their own society, or as the Old Gods, to the outside world. Yet these forces are not gods and goddesses in any traditional sense. They are conceived by the Satryn as ever-changing and shifting to fit the circumstances and needs of the world. It is axiomatic that the true nature of the Masked Ones is unknown and unknowable; they are known only by the masks they wear.

So whether it is the satyrn who called them The Masked Ones or non-satyrn who call them the Old Gods, they tend to be the same. But it is the satyrn who seem to revere them the most. Even ‘civilized ’satyrn’ who worship more modern gods, often mutter a prayer to the Old Gods or invoke their names in times or stress, joy, need for luck or, more often, in the heat of sexual passion.

No definitive lists exist as to the number or the identity of the masks that have been revealed over the ages. Still, certain masks seem to recur regularly throughout Satyrn society. These include:

The Kindler
The Dancer
The Dreamer
The Tinker
The Crone
The Liar
The Ravager
The Maiden
The Healer
The Mute
The Shepherd
The Wastrel
The Corpse
The Whore
The Coward
The Caregiver

The Masked Ones

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